Live Demo: Count for Product Analytics


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​"Count has not only tripled the speed of our data analysis process but has also simplified the way we organize and share insights. This has been a game-changer in how we approach product analytics and strategy development."  - Dan Redgate, Head of Partner Product Analytics

​The Count canvas is the primary data tool for more and more data teams, such as Too Good To Go and Cleo AI.

​In this live demo, we'll review exactly how these teams are using Count to:

  • ​drive direct value to their product teams rather than serve up dashboards
  • ​deliver insights 2x faster
  • ​help make the data workflow mirror the agile and iterative workflow of product teams
  • ​increase data literacy in product teams

​Specifically, we'll cover use cases like:

Product experimentation

Onboarding funnels (and other atypical reporting layouts)

​Come join us if you're looking to work more closely with your product teams, drive more tangible impact, and work more efficiently.

Oliver Hughes
CEO @ Count
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