Masterclass - Driving Operational Clarity - The Metric Tree Masterclass


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Other parts to the series:

​Masters the fundamentals of Operational Clarity, including building powerful metric trees, that will turn your data team from a service function to an invaluable business partner.

​Connect and learn from experienced data and business leaders, each with experience pushing the boundaries of what a data team can deliver.

​We’ve put together 4 webinars, focused on a combination of theory, best practice, and actionable insights.

​These webinars will take place over 2 weeks.

​Part 1: Metric Trees: An Introduction

​We’ve all heard about metric trees, but in this session, we’ll touch on their foundational concepts and background. Where do they originate from? Where else do we see similar concepts? What is so powerful about the metric tree? And what you can hope to gain when using them.

​Part 2: Building a metric tree live

Part 2 of our Operational Clarity - Metric Trees Masterclass series!

​In this chapter, Taylor Brownlow and Sara Sabzikari will be building a metric tree live in real-time.

​They will show:

  • ​discussing metric definitions and tree structure
  • ​appropriate data structure
  • ​how to think ahead about what to include in each node
  • ​helpful SQL and Python code snippets

​The two will be building the tree in Count.

Part 3: ​Metric Trees: Advice and best practice

​Part 3 of our Operational Clarity - Metric Trees Masterclass series!

​In this chapter, we’ll be covering all the best advice and wisdom from those who have built them before.

​Taylor Brownlow will be sitting down with Callum Ballard, Analytics Lead at Cleo AI, and Michael Rogers, Director of Analytics at Lyst to hear about their experiences and wisdom on building metric trees.

​We'll cover practical questions like:

  • ​How to get approval?
  • ​Where is the best place in the business to begin?
  • ​How do you choose what gets its own metric node?
  • ​How did you build it?
  • ​How did it evolve over time?
  • ​How does it link with things like metric and semantic layers?

​Beyond Metric Trees: Driving Operational Clarity

​Part 4 of our Operational Clarity - Metric Trees Masterclass series!

​In this session, Oliver Hughes will talk introduce the bigger idea behind metric trees: Operational Clarity.

​​Metric trees are just the beginning. The power behind metric trees lies in their ability to turn the complex world of interconnected and hierarchied metrics into something easy and actionable. This is the idea that underpins operational clarity as well. In this session, we’ll introduce operational clarity, and talk through real-life examples of how to deliver this (beyond metric trees).

​Each event will feature a special guest. We'll continue to add the guests in as we get closer to the event!

Taylor Brownlow
Head of Data & Content @ Count
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