Part 3: ​Metric Trees: Advice and best practice

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

3:00 pm



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Other parts to the series:

​Part 3 of our Operational Clarity - Metric Trees Masterclass series!

​In this chapter, we’ll be covering all the best advice and wisdom from those who have built them before.

​Taylor Brownlow will be sitting down with Callum Ballard, Analytics Director at Omaze, and Michael Rogers, Director of Analytics at Lyst to hear about their experiences and wisdom on building metric trees.

​We'll cover practical questions like:

  • ​How to get approval?
  • ​Where is the best place in the business to begin?
  • ​How do you choose what gets its own metric node?
  • ​How did you build it?
  • ​How did it evolve over time?
  • ​How does it link with things like metric and semantic layers?

Taylor Brownlow
Head of Data & Content @ Count
Callum Ballard
Analytics Director @ Omaze
Michael Rogers
Director of Analytics @ Lyst
William Mahmood
Head Of Data Science @ MUBI