Where does Count fit?

Count is a collaborative canvas built for data. It's a combination of a data notebook, like Hex or Deepnote, and a collaborative whiteboard, like Miro or FigJam.

Like other data notebooks, Count is designed to give data teams a place to work on use cases that are more exploratory or complex and require regular discussion such as story telling, data modeling and problem solving.

Most of our customers start using Count as a complement to their "traditional" BI tool before migrating over their core reports to Count completely.

How does Count connect to my data?

Count has a unique data management system that is designed for maximum security and performance regardless whether you're working with big or small datasets.

You can choose to run queries on your data directly in your data warehouse (good for big data) or import your data into the in-memory database within the canvas (which runs in your browser).

This means our servers do no computation on your data. We only pass queries and results to and from you and your data warehouse. This dramatically improves query performance and latency.

We do, however, have an additional opt-in cache which allows you to schedule how frequently results are refreshed in the canvas.

Read more in the docs.