Deep dive into the problems that matter

The Count canvas is built for solving complex problems with data. Explore data without limits using SQL or Python, discuss findings with stakeholders and tell stories people trust.

Collaborative exploration

Count brings the whole data team together with the business to solve data collaboratively.

Share business context, code and analysis all in one place so everyone is on the same page and you can dig deeper and solve problems fast.

An analyst's workshop

The canvas has everything an analyst needs to deep dive into any problem. Query, visualize, annotate, and discuss findings in one canvas instead of jumping between tools.

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Complex visuals
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The more complex, the better

No more keeping track of dozens of queries across different tabs. Use the space of the canvas to break down complex queries, compare results side-by-side, and work with hundreds of queries at once.

  • Full real-time collaboration
  • Dynamic query engine
  • Reactive DAG

A place to think together

Instead of discussing screenshots in Slack, you can invite other analysts and stakeholders into the canvas with one click. Explain your work, get feedback, and find solutions faster by working collaboratively.

  • Full real-time collaboration
  • Comments
  • Sticky notes
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Visuals to express and impress

Count's visual framework lets you create powerful custom visuals that will help you find patterns and tell your story.

Work with any data

Query data from your database, CSV files or APIs. Merge data sources together in the canvas. Use DuckDB to go faster.

dbt Core and dbt Cloud integrations

See model metadata, import model logic, macros, and test results.

“We are building models 3x faster with the canvas, and they are actually being understood and used by the business because we built them together.”

Justin Freels

Data Engineering Senior Manager, Accenture

Use a data tool that actually helps you think

Start solving your organization's biggest problems with Count today.