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Building the space where modern data teams solve their organization's biggest challenges

Our data tools have not kept up with the increased complexity in our stacks, and the demand we face from our business partners. We are still trying (and failing) to solve the important, complex challenges like "what to do about churn?" in our limited dashboards, attempting to debug data models by commenting out one CTE at a time in our IDEs, and screenshotting queries into Slack to discuss them with our teams.

Count is the first canvas for data teams, bringing together the power of a data notebook in the context of an infinite whiteboard. It gives teams the space and flexibility to work through business problems rather than deliver charts. It helps teams prototype and debug their dbt models. All while making sure they can work together with anyone across the data and business teams. Count is loved by hundreds of data teams including those from Accenture, Omnipresent, The Pacers, and Too Good To Go.

Context is king

Data does not stop at the dashboard, report, or data app.

At its best, data blends seamlessly into the larger narrative. We're building Count to be the most flexible way to present data by making sure it always stays in the context of the larger problem, making it more easily understood, trusted, and actionable.

Decisions are better together

We know the best decisions come when the entire team has the ability to contribute their strengths.

For that reason, Count is collaborative by default. It allows the entire team to do their part to solve the problem at hand - from asking questions, to adding invaluable context or spotting biased assumptions.

Unleash the full power of analysts

The skills of analysts far exceed their current responsibilities of building charts.

They are experts in how to use data to solve problems and their skills come to life in the context of decision making. We want Count to elevate the role of data analysts to decision facilitators where they can put their superpowers into practice.

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CEO, Co-founder


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