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The canvas lets you see your data models like never before. Import a model and all of its dependencies, explode each CTE as its own cell, and work with live results from your database. Identify bugs quickly, test changes, and deploy code back to dbt, all while collaborating in real-time.

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Import your existing models

Count makes it easy to work with your data models no matter where they are. Choose which models, and macros to import directly from dbt Cloud and dbt Core, or simply paste in your SQL scripts into the canvas.

Import your code directly from GitHub or dbt Cloud
View all of your models at once or one by one
Run your code side by side in different environments and databases

Explore, debug, and explain models with ease

Stop digging through 1,000s of lines of someone else's code to find bugs. The canvas makes it easier than ever to visualize, and understand the logic behind complex data models. Explode models into DAGs of connected CTEs. Edit and run queries against your database for realtime results of every step in your model.

Explode your models and see the results of each CTE
Edit your code, compile Jinja on-the-fly and see results instantly
Validate your models with test queries and visuals

Prototype and deploy changes back to dbt

Testing code changes becomes as easy as comparing two cells side by side. Export the new code directly to GitHub, export Jinjia-fied or compiled SQL to go into any tool you need.

Commit code back to Github with one click
Export logic as SQL or Jinja-fied SQL
Review logic changes using code diff
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Build together with stakeholders

Annotate and explain core business logic with business stakeholders. Work through data quality issues in real-time and showcase your work to the whole business.

Work through your models and code side-by-side in real-time
Add sticky notes, screenshots and diagrams to give your code context
Share code instantly with secure but flexible permissions
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SQL, Python, or no-code querying
Move between SQL, Python and no-code effortlessly.
Switch between dev and prod environments with one click
Run cells on any database you want, and switch sources with one click.
Version control
Never lose your work with automatic version control that snapshots your code and your results together.

“We are building models 3x faster with the canvas, and they are actually being understood and used by the business because we built them together.”

Justin Freels, Data Engineering Senior Manager @ Accenture

Getting started tutorials

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How to set up dbt Core in Count
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Importing your first models
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Pushing changes back to GitHub

It's time to actually understand your DAGs

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