Count for dbt modeling: A live demo

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

1:00 pm



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​Come join us for a live walkthrough of Count with Co-founder and CEO Oliver Hughes.

​In this 30-minute session we'll cover:

  • ​Intro to the Count canvas
  • ​How to connect dbt Core and dbt Cloud to the canvas
  • Develop in 2D: How to use Count's spatial canvas to lay out models step-by-step. Full SQL, Python and Jinja support throughout the canvas.
  • End-to-end lineage: How to visualize the full linage of any - from raw data to final table, across all the models in between
  • Make sense of complex models with exploding cells. Import any model, and explode all the CTEs into their own cells, each linked together into a large, live DAG of queries, making it possible to make sense of it.
  • Build with stakeholders and other AEs. Don't wait to get feedback until a model is submitted for review. Get stakeholders and peers to look at your models to get feedback faster.
  • Deploy changes straight from the changes: How to visualize diffs from current production code, and submit PRs directly from the canvas

​We hope to see you there!

Oliver Hughes
CEO @ Count
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