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Count helps data teams solve complex problems.

Explore data, tell stories and build models in a real-time whiteboard designed for data.

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“Count is a wonderful combination of a Jupyter notebook, Tableau and Miro all in one tool.

“It has allowed us to work alongside our product teams, using the flexibility of the canvas to iterate towards solutions quickly and in a way that everyone trusts.”

Carl Johan Rising, Director of Data @ Too Good To Go

A space to think together

Bring collaboration to your whole data stack

Count connects to all major databases, syncs with both dbt Cloud and Core and you can even embed dashboards from Tableau and Looker so you can collaborate across all your data assets in real-time.

Count integrations

“Collaboration for us used to mean sharing screenshots over Slack. Now we can investigate problems as a team, everyone can add their part, and we can review it all and get to answers much faster.”

Dinda Tisi Calista, Analytics Lead @ Cleo

Break down the silos

From data modeling and requirements gathering to data exploration and storytelling, Count brings clarity and faster communication across your whole business.

Reduce dashboards by up to 80%

BI tools are designed for sharing operational metrics and not much else. Count complements your BI tool by providing a workflow for decision-making, reducing dashboard clutter by up to 80%.

Reduce dashboards by 80%

The best IDE for dbt

Build, debug and discuss data models. Import models directly from dbt and use the real-time collaborative canvas to lay out complex logic and improve communication amongst your team.

dbt integration
Import your data models into the canvas as cells. Make changes and see updates in real-time then export changes in full dbt syntax.
Exploding cells
Clarify the logic of long queries by instantly splitting them into separate connected cells.
Powerful version control
Never lose your work with Count's automatic version control.
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“We are building models 3x faster with the canvas, and they are actually being understood and used by the business because we built them together.”

Justin Freels, Data Engineering Senior Manager @ Accenture

Your data stays with you

Count's unique infrastructure means all computation takes place on your database or locally in your browser, making the canvas fast and secure by default. And we're SOC2 certified, with HIPAA and GDPR certifications coming soon.

Powered by data warehouses

Count connects directly to your database and our servers simply relay the result back to you. Caching and scheduling of results are optional if you want to manage database load.

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Built for the browser

Instead of using virtual machines, Count runs DuckDB and Python in your browser for the times when you need zero latency or to minimize database load.

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SOC2 certified

Count is fully SOC2 certified, so you can rest assured that your data is always safe and secure. (HIPAA and GDPR certifications are coming soon.)

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