Set your data free

Explore data spatially, breakdown and refactor your data models, and share with stakeholders faster than ever with Count's real-time, collaborative data canvas.

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Data exploration today means

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Drowning in tabs

In order to understand our data, we have to query it. A lot. Today that means dozens of tabs to keep track of in your IDE, never even able to look at two of them next to each other.

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Poor communication

When we want to talk about what we've found, we're often forced to build one-hit-wonder dashboards, or take screenshots and have chats over Slack - making it impossible for anyone to follow our thinking, and trust the results.

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Painful iteration

Whether 3 days or 3 months later, we'll almost definitely be asked to do that work again. And when we are, we start from scratch yet again.

Count brings the right things together

So you can analyze, experiment, iterate, and discuss your findings all in one place.

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Count is like a SQL editor, analytics notebook and a whiteboard somehow mated and had a beautiful baby.

James Sharwin
Head of Data, Car & Classic
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Count is such a versatile tool. It gives us the flexibility to move from those initial sparks of curiosity to a stunning report all in the same space.

Joshua Layton-Wood
analytics engineer, dead happy
Joshua Layton-Wood

Count has helped us to be more focused on the business problem.

We can lay out our thinking and explore data together to reach a much deeper level of understanding.

Madhav Goswami
headshot photograph of Madhav Goswami

Count has improved the way our whole organisation works with data.

The data team now works much closer with the wider business to find the answers they really need.

Amanda Sjöstrand Henriksson
headshot photograph of Amanda Sjöstrand Henriksson

One of the best things about Count is the customer care.

You've really supported us create a data-first culture at Katoo where we're making the most of our data.

Nicole Niehaus
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I now use Count for everything.

I don't use DataGrip at all. It's massive that you've pulled me out of the industry-leading IDE, I've used for 6 years.

Matthew Brandt
Data Analyst, Lecturer, and Content Creator

Count has revolutionized our analytics.

We had a huge bottleneck with data modelling that the canvas has helped us completely clear.

Phillip van Blerk

One of the best things about Count is the customer care.

You've really supported us create a data-first culture at Katoo where we're making the most of our data.

Nicole Niehaus

What I can build in the canvas is only limited by my imagination.

Saverro Suseno

Count is by far the best data tool I've ever used.

It's given our marketing team a shared space where we can explore data together and reach conclusions everyone understands and trusts.

Christopher Mee

I've built so many things in other tools which nobody used.

When I build in Count people just love it!

Silvan Albin

Infinite whiteboard

Finally, a space as free and flexible as your own mind.

Lay out your thinking in Count’s infinite canvas, collaborate in realtime with your team, import whatever you need to solve the problem at hand.

-> Learn more about SQL cells here.
Infinite whiteboard


A world-class SQL editor right in the canvas equipped with autocomplete, query caching, paramertization, version control, and more!

-> Learn more about SQL cells here.
Super-SQL tables

Head-turning visuals

Use Count’s powerful drag-and-drop visual builder to explore patterns, find outliers, and surface insights fast.

Count’s design bar gives you control over every pixel of your visual, making sure you’re telling your story exactly how you want.

-> Learn more about visuals here.
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Make it count

Turn every insight into a story. Choose from over 40 different output templates, add filters for interactive outputs, and share regular alerts to the whole team in Slack.

Create slide decks, dashboards, data apps, notebooks, or anything your heart desires. Share in report mode to keep your audience focused on one frame at a time.

-> Learn more about reports here.

More than a data tool

Use the flexibility of the canvas to consolidate all of your data team’s workflows in one place.

KPI Reports

Produce beautifully clear reports that put your most important metrics in full context and lead to action.

canvas template for building KPI reports

Data exploration

Quickly dive into your data. Lay out each step, compare different cuts instantly and document your findings as you go.

canvas template for building Data exploration

Planning / scoping

Use whiteboarding tools to gather requirements, structure your thinking and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

canvas template for building Planning / scoping


Turn your analysis into a notebook, presentation or something in between. It's your story - tell it your way!

canvas template for building Storytelling

Data modelling

Import a SQL script or dbt model and explore it as a fully interactive DAG in two dimensions.

canvas template for building Data modelling

Data apps

Build powerful, interactive data applications that your team can explore together in real-time.

canvas template for building Data apps

Problem solving

Combine data and business concepts in one place to solve problems quickly as a team.

canvas template for building Problem solving

Modern-data-stack friendly

Count integrates tightly with your existing data stack so you can collaborate securely with the features you already love.

Count can connect to lots of databases and collaboration software tools.
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DBT Integration

Build, prototype and test models directly within the canvas.

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We are SOCII certified with all the security you’d expect from a world-class data tool.

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No lock in

Count runs directly on your database so your data stays with you and your analysis is always exportable.

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