One canvas, many uses

From ad hoc analyses to KPI reports and everything in between. Discover the different ways a canvas can bring your data to life.

Data Transformation

Turning some messy tables of basketball data into a clean, robust data-model.

Metric Tree

Break down revenue as a hierachy of core metrics to clearly see what's driving performance.

Data Exploration

Break down a data request into a logical structure and present back the answer alongside the methodology to provide perfect clarity.

Onboarding Flow

Activity and conversion rates of a mobile app onboarding process, with screenshots and each possible user journey.

Client Quarterly Review

Build out a customer success presentation for client including live data of their product usage.

A/B Test

Run a full A/B test within one canvas, including the scope of the experiment, design and then the results, including statistical significance.


Weekly performance overview of an e-commerce business including commentary, metric definitions and comments.